Your backup plan is an essential part of ongoing maintenance and the 1st step in disaster recovery.  With all the malicious internet threats out there and the simple fact that computers and hard drives are vulnerable to failure the need for backing up your data is an absolute must.

There are many cost effective methods to safe guard your files and data.  Your strategy will depend on your systems and the amount of information you need to backup.

Local Backup

A popular method to do your own in-house backup plan is to use external hard drives.  This will allow to you backup large amounts of data quickly from your computer or server on a regular basis.  It is important to make sure you are following thru on your plan and periodically testing the backups to make sure they are working correctly.

We can customize an in-house backup plan based on storage and data retention requirements.

Online Backup

Probably the most convenient way to protect your files is setting up online backup. We use Carbonite for our own needs and our customers. We are an authorized Carbonite Partner and can assist in setting up an account to backup your data. This is an excellent option which allows for automatic ongoing backup.

For home and small business users you can choose 3 low cost Personal Plans to backup an unlimited amount of data from your individual computer.

For business customers there are different Server plans available that allow backing up databases and live applications like Exchange and SQL.

For detailed information please go to our Partner Portal on Carbonite.

Hybrid Backup Systems

For more sophisticated needs we can recommend and implement backup systems that combine backup appliances used at your local office in conjunction with online backup. This allows for a more robust backup/restore and disaster recovery platform.  Give us a call us to discuss your needs and requirements for a comprehensive solution.

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