Accelerated Technical, Ltd was originally formed under the name of Act For The Future in April 1991. It started out as a computer software training company and has been evolving ever since. In 2002 we adopted our new name and a company strategy that concentrates solely on IT services for small businesses and individuals.

Operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Installations and support services are available on weekends by appointment. Additionally, we maintain support accessibility in off hours and emergencies for our clients with whom we have ongoing projects.

Company Philosophy

Accelerated Technical is committed to eliminating the buyer’s remorse that can be associated with the purchase of computer consulting services. Our goal is to be the consulting company that we wanted to deal with when we were implementing technology to improve efficiency. We want to deliver competent computer services at a fair price. We don’t want to saddle you with bills while our technicians are trained on your equipment. Sounds good, but you’ve been disappointed before. That’s where our guarantee comes in. We not only say that you’ll be satisfied, we guarantee it. I don’t know of any other IT support companies that do this.

The philosophy of Accelerated Technical is to make you so happy that you want to pay us and you’ll want your friends to pay us. We’re not in the business to take your money and run. We want to be your corporate friend for a good long time and reap the rewards of repeat and referral business.


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